Phoenix Camp

In our best efforts to balance the camp, we will be pausing ticket sales for Followers in levels 2, 3 and 4. Email to be added to the waitlist.

Phoenix Camp Counselors

Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann
Kylie Redd and Sarah Vann Drake
Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin
Maxime and Tori Zzaoui
Jakub Jakoubek and Emeline Rochefeuille

What makes The ESS Camp unique?

ESS workshops will be unlike any classes that you would attend at a major convention. They will be smaller, role-balanced to the best of our ability, and directly tailored to the student level. The Camp starts with Level 2 (High Novice Level) and will move at an accelerated pace. All dancers must have a solid foundation of the basics, with some transitions and variations. There will be plenty of social dancing with 3 nights of parties, and a Saturday night Pro Show with some great Performances. Our goal is to create a relaxed learning environment for dancers of all levels to focus on improving while having a great time.


Leveled Workshop

Sign up for your appropriate level using your WSDC Points based on what division you would dance Jack and Jill.  After signing up under your WSDC level, there will be a box below asking whether you would like to audition up.  Click “Yes” if you would like to audition, or “No” if you prefer to stay in the level you signed up for.  Keep in mind that auditions are held on Friday around 2pm.  Not everyone will be selected to go up.  Your Instructors will be judging this process.

Note:  If you do not have WSDC  and wish to attend, sign up for level 2.  If you wish to go up a level, then you MUST audition on Friday.

ESS Phoenix offers four levels of intensives using your WSDC number.

Level 2 – Novice

Level 3 – Intermediate

Level 4 – Adv

Level 5 – Allstar

Classes in each level are tailored to students within that level and will move at the appropriate pace. Dancers attending ESS Camp are required to have a solid foundation of all the basics with some variations and transitions.


AUDITION UP A LEVEL:  We have a scheduled audition before the workshops begin to give individuals the opportunity to level out of there WSDC JnJ standing.

Auditions are held on Friday around 2pm.

Please be aware not everyone will be able to move up. Your instructors will determine the correct divison for you!

Note:  If you do not have WSDC  and wish to attend, sign up for level 2.  If you wish to go up a level, then you MUST audition on Friday.

Teacher Training Seminar

Thursday we are offering a six hour “teachers training” seminar for an additional $99.  This will be a one of a kind opportunity to hear the planning and preparations that go into becoming a teacher.  Learn how to communicate good technique, organize a class and keep students engaged.